Why You Should Make The Switch To Vegan Skincare


 We all care about our skin, and we can all probably admit that a bad skin day has once affected our mood. Did you know that our skin is actually the largest barrier against infections and so it's very important to keep our skin healthy. So if this is all true, why don't we care more about what's in our skincare? 


This article is going to tell you all the reasons why vegan skincare is the new best thing and we guarantee you’ll be switching your products after this read. So make sure to read on till the end for a list of our favourite vegan skincare brands. 

Kinder to Your Skin

So what makes vegan skincare better for your skin? Because the ingredients are taken from plants, these offer more vitamin benefits, along with antioxidants, minerals and natural oils which all help to repair our skin and give us that glow! If your skin is on the sensitive side, then you need to make the switch right now! Because vegan skincare is loaded with natural ingredients such as, aloe vera, ginger and lavender which our skin reacts better to compared with foreign ingredients.

So to take away from this, the less and more natural ingredients, the happier our skin will be.

Kinder to our Environment 

If you're vegan, or curious about vegan skincare it's probably because you care about our environment. We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of a vegan diet in saving our planet, but how important are vegan beauty products for our environment? 

The animal-based beauty industry causes air pollution, water pollution and deforestation. Not to mention the packaging of non-vegan beauty products infiltrating our environment. So how's vegan beauty any different? Vegan beauty offers similar benefits to a vegan diet in terms of reducing environmental damage and not harming animals. Moreover, vegan beauty will in most cases use recyclable materials to further minimise their environmental impact.

FACT: 120 billion units of packaging are produced each year by the cosmetics industry. The cardboard that surrounds these products contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year! 

Kinder to Animals 

Whether you choose to be vegan for the animals or the environment, we can all agree that animal testing is a huge no! Vegan skincare products indicate that no animal products were used in the making, and were developed by methods that did not involve cruelty to animals. So if it's just important to you that no animals were harmed for testing, then switching to vegan skincare is for you.

FACT:  if everyone switched to cruelty-free products, millions of animals could be spared each year. 


We have listed some of our favourite vegan skincare brands with some very affordable options! 

of course we have to include our very own ditsy cloth as a first step to our skincare Regime

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