Let’s talk about polyester.

Here at Dearest Fannie, we want to be honest with you and that includes being transparent about our products. 

Our Ditsy Cloth is made from microfibre which is polyester, a synthetic material. Polyester in turn is basically plastic. Now plastic can be an amazing material when it is reusable, but it doesn’t come without its problems. This problem comes in the form of leaching microplastics. Plastic is in everything, whether it’s called polyester, nylon or polyamide etc. Your clothes, the clothes you bought from the charity shop, your towels, swimwear, sports-wear, even the clothing you bought that is made from recycled plastic from the ocean and our Ditsy Cloth all (if made from synthetic materials) leach micro-plastics. Leaching microplastics is when tiny pieces of these materials detach themselves (sometimes they can be naked to the eye) which in turn can end up in our water systems. Microplastics are now in the Antarctic as well as the deepest parts of the oceans.  All plastic in the ocean currently will be leaching as well as washed plastic-based materials. There are ways to reduce leaching; high quality materials, washing machine filters, washing these items less and guppy bags. It is important we reduce the amount of man-made fibres that enter our water systems.

Our Ditsy Cloth:

We believe our Ditsy Cloth is the best reusable alternative currently on the market however we are aware that it isn’t perfect. We are providing a reusable alternative to expensive, one use makeup wipes. Guppy bags will soon be for sale on our website to use when washing any synthetic materials. 

The Ditsy Cloth reduces a great amount of waste from one use items as well as using less resources, such as water & energy, to create. We have purposefully made our Ditsy Cloth large in order to maximise the amount of times you can use it before needing to put it in the wash.  We have ensured that our Ditsy Cloth is recyclable at the end of its lifetime and is made from high quality material to lengthen its lifetime and shed less.

We are currently working with textile innovators to improve the sustainability of the Ditsy Cloth 

In the UK, the Ditsy Cloth is recyclable with rag. Check with your local council on how to responsibly recycle your cloth.