Why the grinch is in all of us

Christmas is right around the corner and it's got us feeling a certain kind of way. We've had to endure over a month of Christmas music already and the thought of getting that one person a present who is extremely difficult to buy for is already stressing us out. When it comes down to actually getting the gift buying done, its that difficult negotiation between hot shops and the freezing cold outside, you're either too hot or not warm enough. And if you're in London, good luck with the hot tube, Christmas shopping bags and rush hour. 

Theres another added stress this year with many of us questioning our purchases and where it will end up after Christmas. We have have some gifting tips!

Giving gifts 

A large part of Christmas is about giving gifts and to be honest it's either the best or worst part about the holidays. Giving gifts to our loved ones is a way to show our appreciation for that person and I'm sure we all love the excitement of receiving gifts. But given the economy, and after such a difficult year financially, I'm sure lots of us are feeling nervous about not being able to gift the way we once could. But it's important to remember that sometimes the smallest and most personal of gifts make the best ones, so even if you can't purchase presents this year, show your appreciation in other forms and get creative. 

It wouldn't be a Dearest Fannie post without thinking of our planet, and so we urge you to think about the impact of the presents you give on our environment and make it your aim to purchase more sustainably. We think an experience makes for the best gift, it involves a day of fun and time spent together and we guarantee it won't end up in landfill. Another way to make sure your holiday gifting won't damage our planet is to opt for recyclable wrapping paper. We love this brand https://www.re-wrapped.co.uk/product-category/wrappingpaper/. If you're looking for sustainable Christmas gifts options, we have just the thing! shop our products at Dearest Fannie https://www.dearestfannie.com/collections/all

I guess what this article is trying to say is that we think it's time to create your own expectations of the festive holiday period, do what makes you smile. The modern day holidays should be less about going all out and more about doing less, spending your time more wisely and switching off. At the end of the day if going over and beyond for Christmas is what makes you happy then we applaud you. But if you are a bit like us and  feeling rather nervous about how to enter back into the festivities, do it in your own style, create new traditions that feel right, spend time with the people that make you smile, and get creative with sentimental gifts. But overall, switch off from your phones and live in the moment because the beautiful part of Christmas is that our boss is on holiday too.

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